July 2017 Meeting Change

Notice: To All interested in Jasper County ARES, We will be meeting at our new meeting location, St. Philips Episcopal Church, located at 706 Byers Ave, Joplin, MO, for the July meeting.

The July meeting will be postponed until Thursday, July 6th 2017, We will not hold the meeting Tuesday evening, due to the holiday. Everyone is invited to join us in our new meeting location.

Chilly 5K

We had a meeting with Sally from the Joplin Y about the 2016 New Years Day Chilly 5K and kids 1 mile fun run. We received the route details and tentatively set positions for the runs. For the ones that missed last evenings meeting, we will be having another meeting on Tuesday December 15th at 7 PM at the Joplin Red Cross.

Steven Kreeger Sr. and Milton Grissom will be checking the route for possible hazards and also if simplex frequency can be used for the race. I am working on getting a larger map done for the races. The kids race will start at 11:00 AM with the chilly 5K starting at 11:30 AM or after all the runners of the kids race have completed. The awards presentation is scheduled for 12:30 PM. We need to have everyone participating to wear their ARES vest.

If you missed the meeting and would like to help, please either contact Milton or myself. Also if you missed last night’s meeting, please plan on making the December 15th meeting. We still need a couple of volunteers to help man areas along the route. If you have any questions, you can either contact Milton or myself.

Thomas Zeller KB0ORZ
Jasper Co. ARES AEC

2015-07-07 Meeting

Andy was absent and Matt Bernhagen brought meeting to order at 1900.

Those in attendance:

Milton Grissom KE0CZR
Steve Kreger KE0AKN
Romel Downs KE0AKO
Ray Brown KB0STN
Ron Young W0SEJ
Travis Knoblouch KG5FJI
Tom Zeller KB0ORZ

Brief overview of some things learned in the CERT class attended by 4 ARES members recently was shared with the group. Primary theme was being prepared at home; ensuring you and your family are prepared at home so that you can deploy for others in the community when needed. If your family needs you, if your neighbors need you that MUST be your priority.

ARES members encouraged to attend this training if possible.

Also discussed knowing our limitations. Just as with CERT teams ARES will not respond to chemical spills unless under the careful guidance of hazmat teams to assist with evacuations.

We will have a short drill to evaluate readiness sometime during the week of 13 July. Drill will be announced via the phone app, e-mail, and on the 147.210 repeater sometime between 1900 and 2200. ARES members should tune to the 147.210 repeater for additional instructions.

Backup repeater is 145.190 and simplex will be last resort on 146.400.

Have go bags ready. This would be considered a short deployment not to exceed 24 hours. (Drill will not last 24 hours of course).

We discussed professionalism during the drill. Allowing net control to guide all action. No arguing about how things are being handled. It’s a learning exercise. We will discuss everyone’s performance off the air, after drill concludes.

Radiogram numbered messages and general use was discussed. It was suggested that we again try to get Marvin, NA0OO to provide additional training. Tabletop exercise sending and receiving radiogram might be a good idea. Members encouraged to fill out and send radiogram during JARC net.

Also discussed needing all emergency numbers on file either on paper or in smart phones. Members encouraged to fill out form and bring to next meeting.

Matt Bernhagen is working to get Third Thursday booth set up to raise awareness about ARES. Would like to include Skywarn and JARC in this if they are interested. ARES will proceed with a booth.

MS150 discussed. ARES will assist with this. Volunteer signup discussed. This event is 12th and 13th of September. Tom, Ron, and Ray, will provide all final information to volunteers during September ARES meeting.

Volunteering at Airfest in September was also discussed. It was noted in the past that they only wanted our help with parking. This led to conversation about what public service means and how it benefits us and the community. Doing public service gets us out there. people learn we are dependable and professional and that increases our value. It’s the first step in building our reputation and will lead to more emergency services and communications related opportunities.

We also discussed getting together on various Saturday mornings at various members homes for some antenna building or other build type sessions. We’ll wait for JARC to make decision on any plans for similar activities before proceeding with our own. Also meeting on some Saturday mornings for mini field days to see how we can best communicate across the county or even region to region. These actions will enhance skills as well as help build our team.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 2005. Some members remained to evaluate some home built antenna’s with the analyzer provided by Ray Brown.

2015-06-02 Meeting

Last night the Jasper County ARES group had our monthly meeting at the Red Cross in Joplin – there were 10 people present, including one guest.

Four of our members recently completed CERT training, congratulations Matt, Milton, Ron, and Steve! While there currently is not an active team in our area, there has been talk of forming one. Milton is also looking into another CERT class for those who are interested.

Tom took orders for ARES t-shirts – if you are still interested in one, contact him as soon as possible.

Tom discussed the EC-001 Emergency Communications class by the ARRL. There are a few ways that individuals can complete the class – self-study, find a mentor, or join a class. If there is enough interest we will form a class – it will probably take a few weeks to cover the entire book. The ARRL site about the course recommends completing FEMA IS-100.b and IS-700 as prerequisites. (ARES members are recommended to take this course and also the following FEMA courses: IS-100.b, IS-200, IS-700, IS-800, IS-802. If you have completed any of these, please let me know and I will update the database.)

Field Day – this is coming up at the end of the month and we encourage everyone to come out and participate if possible. JARC will be setting up on Dover Hill in Joplin on North Main St. This is a good time to experience emergency-style communication using backup power and a remote location, and also deploying antennas and equipment in the field. Please keep track of your hours that you are active and report it to Andy, including any time setting up and on the air, as this counts as ARES volunteering/training.

Tom presented a video on Red Cross Emergency Communication which was very interesting, and he has more information that he did not get to, which will probably be presented at a later time.

Next week, we are going to run a simplex net again – Monday June 8th at 8p we will announce on the 147.210 repeater and then move to simplex 146.400. This time if there is any change in frequency we will make sure to announce it several times on the repeater.

Finally, I wanted to mention our Google Group (email list) be sure to sign up to stay involved in email conversations, and also a new SMS alert service called Rained Out which can be used to alert everyone to activate a net, like a phone tree. You can sign up for Texts, Emails, or both. If you want to sign-up quickly, text “jasperares” to 84483.

2015-05-05 Meeting

The Jasper County ARES met on May 5th for our monthly meeting.

We are planning a shirt order, initial information is they will be a similar color to the vests and will probably have the logo on the back. They will be available with or without a pocket. Prices below are listed for pocket/no pocket:

  • Large: $11/8
  • XL: $12/9
  • XXL: $13/10

We discussed additional training – if there are any ideas or requests, please bring them up to Andy or Matt. Current ideas are:

  • Radiograms / Traffic Passing / NTS – the ARRL recommends using traffic passing for ARES.
  • Additional SETs – we have one formal one per year but should do informal ones more frequently, possibly even simulate repeater failure during a net, or do a SET at any time and see how many can be reached.
  • Earthquake preparedness and help with after (search & rescue, and other)

Jason proposed running a simplex net and passed around an example script, along with a roster and map of member locations (these will be made available on the private Google Group.) The idea is to run a simplex net not only as an exercise, but to regularly replace our weekly repeater net with a simplex net. This could be monthly or bi-monthly. Jason volunteered to write a script and run the first net on 5/11. Listen on the 147.210 repeater for the announcement at 8p and then move to the designated simplex frequency. The script will be uploaded to this website for others who want to run a simplex net.

The phone tree has not been created, however we may try using Text/SMS or other Internet based ways to contact everyone at once. If anyone has ideas on how to do that, please contact any of the ARES leadership.

Romel had a great idea for a go-kit: a Uniball pen. This simple and inexpensive addition will help when taking notes in less-than-ideal conditions such as rain, as they are waterproof and smudge proof.

Radios at hospitals: Ray participates in an emergency net for hospitals for Freeman, however we don’t know or have any contacts at Mercy. We discussed contacting Mercy to see about access to the Radio Room or find out who is responsible for using the ham radio equipment in case of emergency. (Since the meeting, I have reached out to Mercy via email, I am awaiting reply from their Emergency Safety Officer – jason.)

Next Month: bring any homemade antennas and we will try to analyze them to make sure our equipment is all in working order and efficient as possible.

2015-04-07 Meeting (SkyWarn Info)

The Jasper County ARES met last night and had a good discussion about weather spotting activities.  We discussed how nets are run for SkyWarn, which repeater and who is in charge of them.  Jasper County does not have any official SkyWarn group, so ARES and Ham Radio operators generally provide information back to NWS when severe weather happens.

We learned that N0XJJ used to run the NWS Regional SkyWarn net out of Springfield, but has moved to the Joplin area.  He’s involved with SkyWarn and the NWS and may run nets from Joplin when able.  Otherwise Tom or Andy may be running a net on the 210 repeater.  If there is severe weather you can also report it directly to the 350 repeater but make sure to follow the guidelines and only report what is severe.  The 350 repeater is linked to Springfield and other repeaters across the state so we don’t want to tie it up in case they have bad weather elsewhere.  Make sure to stay professional.

A couple applications and websites that came up during the meeting that may come in handy for storm spotting:

GRLevel3 – this is a radar app that receives live NEXRAD data and you have a choice of viewing many different products and customizing it many different ways.  You can download a 21-day trial from http://www.grlevelx.com/

Radar Alive Pro – Paid app on Android also receives NEXRAD radar data: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tinyvital.wxr.pro&hl=en

RadarScope – Another paid app on Android that receives the same data as above: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.basevelocity.radarscope&hl=en

If you are monitoring the 210 repeater but would also like to hear the weather and spotter reports on the 350 repeater, you can listen to a live stream on Broadcastify – here is a link to the N0NWS feed: http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/773

Spotter Network – this is a network that tracks the location of spotters using apps for various devices, or also through APRS if you have that ability.  You can report severe weather as well.  Sign up at spotternetwork.org.  I didn’t see a group for our area, if there is enough interest, I will set one up.  This data can be integrated into all of the apps mentioned above and is very useful to see where spotters are and what they are reporting.  There are many other times this location data would be useful to ARES.

Finally – I want to plug our email list again – https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ares-of-jasper-county-missouri.



ARES® Communication Exercise March 19, 2015

Greene County ARES will be holding a communication exercise at 9a on Thursday, March 19th.  They will be using simplex to attempt communications between 18 stations where every possible combination of station pairs will be tested.  Red Cross Joplin will be participating with KA0TUD and KB0ORZ participating.

If anyone is monitoring tomorrow morning, see if you can reach them at the Red Cross on 146.400 MHz.

Also later that night we will hold our own simplex net in Jasper County.  We will be meeting at 7p on the 147.210 MHz repeater to coordinate the event, and then move to 146.400 MHz simplex for the remainder of the exercise.



ARES Net 2015-03-02

Andy, KAØTUD, ran the ARES net last night with the following check-ins:

Jasper County ARES Net
Net control: KAØTUD 147.210 WØIN
  1. KBØLFL – Dennis, Pittsburg
  2. KAØAKO – Romel, Joplin
  3. WAØRVD – Ron, Webb City
  4. KBØORZ – Tom, Joplin
  5. KEØBVO – Gerald, Joplin
  6. KC9AEM – Carl, Carthage
  7. NAØOO – Marvin, Joplin
  9. ADØKA
  10. KDØSZT – Joplin
  11. NØSZQ – Jim, Joplin – no contact confirmed
  12. KEØCZR – Milton,Joplin
  13. KDØSZT – Matt, Joplin
  14. KAØTUD – Andy, Joplin – Net control

Mailing List

I have created a mailing list specific to Jasper County ARES in Google Groups.  Please go to the page here to sign up or adjust your settings, or to post.  You can either post through email or directly on the group page.

To reduce spam, I have the group set so new members need approval.  If I recognize you I will approve you, but you should be able to provide information during the sign-up process to explain who you are as well.