2015-06-02 Meeting

Last night the Jasper County ARES group had our monthly meeting at the Red Cross in Joplin – there were 10 people present, including one guest.

Four of our members recently completed CERT training, congratulations Matt, Milton, Ron, and Steve! While there currently is not an active team in our area, there has been talk of forming one. Milton is also looking into another CERT class for those who are interested.

Tom took orders for ARES t-shirts – if you are still interested in one, contact him as soon as possible.

Tom discussed the EC-001 Emergency Communications class by the ARRL. There are a few ways that individuals can complete the class – self-study, find a mentor, or join a class. If there is enough interest we will form a class – it will probably take a few weeks to cover the entire book. The ARRL site about the course recommends completing FEMA IS-100.b and IS-700 as prerequisites. (ARES members are recommended to take this course and also the following FEMA courses: IS-100.b, IS-200, IS-700, IS-800, IS-802. If you have completed any of these, please let me know and I will update the database.)

Field Day – this is coming up at the end of the month and we encourage everyone to come out and participate if possible. JARC will be setting up on Dover Hill in Joplin on North Main St. This is a good time to experience emergency-style communication using backup power and a remote location, and also deploying antennas and equipment in the field. Please keep track of your hours that you are active and report it to Andy, including any time setting up and on the air, as this counts as ARES volunteering/training.

Tom presented a video on Red Cross Emergency Communication which was very interesting, and he has more information that he did not get to, which will probably be presented at a later time.

Next week, we are going to run a simplex net again – Monday June 8th at 8p we will announce on the 147.210 repeater and then move to simplex 146.400. This time if there is any change in frequency we will make sure to announce it several times on the repeater.

Finally, I wanted to mention our Google Group (email list) be sure to sign up to stay involved in email conversations, and also a new SMS alert service called Rained Out which can be used to alert everyone to activate a net, like a phone tree. You can sign up for Texts, Emails, or both. If you want to sign-up quickly, text “jasperares” to 84483.

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