2015-05-05 Meeting

The Jasper County ARES met on May 5th for our monthly meeting.

We are planning a shirt order, initial information is they will be a similar color to the vests and will probably have the logo on the back. They will be available with or without a pocket. Prices below are listed for pocket/no pocket:

  • Large: $11/8
  • XL: $12/9
  • XXL: $13/10

We discussed additional training – if there are any ideas or requests, please bring them up to Andy or Matt. Current ideas are:

  • Radiograms / Traffic Passing / NTS – the ARRL recommends using traffic passing for ARES.
  • Additional SETs – we have one formal one per year but should do informal ones more frequently, possibly even simulate repeater failure during a net, or do a SET at any time and see how many can be reached.
  • Earthquake preparedness and help with after (search & rescue, and other)

Jason proposed running a simplex net and passed around an example script, along with a roster and map of member locations (these will be made available on the private Google Group.) The idea is to run a simplex net not only as an exercise, but to regularly replace our weekly repeater net with a simplex net. This could be monthly or bi-monthly. Jason volunteered to write a script and run the first net on 5/11. Listen on the 147.210 repeater for the announcement at 8p and then move to the designated simplex frequency. The script will be uploaded to this website for others who want to run a simplex net.

The phone tree has not been created, however we may try using Text/SMS or other Internet based ways to contact everyone at once. If anyone has ideas on how to do that, please contact any of the ARES leadership.

Romel had a great idea for a go-kit: a Uniball pen. This simple and inexpensive addition will help when taking notes in less-than-ideal conditions such as rain, as they are waterproof and smudge proof.

Radios at hospitals: Ray participates in an emergency net for hospitals for Freeman, however we don’t know or have any contacts at Mercy. We discussed contacting Mercy to see about access to the Radio Room or find out who is responsible for using the ham radio equipment in case of emergency. (Since the meeting, I have reached out to Mercy via email, I am awaiting reply from their Emergency Safety Officer – jason.)

Next Month: bring any homemade antennas and we will try to analyze them to make sure our equipment is all in working order and efficient as possible.

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